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Pasir Pinji out to extend winning streak

August 18, 2023 at 4:38:43 AM

Pasir Pinji arrived in Malaysia as a one-time winner and three-time place-getter in Singapore, but he has quickly established himself as a horse on the rise under the training of Simon Dunderdale.

Competing a total of nine times in Kuala Lumpur, Pasir Pinji has triumphed on seven occasions.

Pasir Pinji kicked off his most recent winning streak in early May and secured back-to-back victories later that same month. He was then given a three-month break before returning as a winner on August 6th. On Saturday, PASIR PINJI will be stretching to an unknown distance for the first time but, given his current form, he gives the impression that he will see it out and continue his winning ways.

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